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HubSpot CRM Workshops in the UK

Upcoming Workshops

Register for interactive online workshops where you can have all your HubSpot questions answered.

Upcoming Event

Wednesday 21st Feb 2024, 9:30 – 10:00 am GMT

HubSpot CRM CMS Session with Sam Easton


Transform your income generating capability by using payment links.

Join this short virtual presentation to learn how to use payment links to:

  • Accept payments for professional services such as meetings, trainings, consultations, and more.

  • Sell, collect, and manage recurring fees for memberships, software subscriptions, and retainers.

  • Offer one-time and ongoing project packages, such as construction work, website redesigns, and SEO audits.

Virtual via zoom. Link will be sent the day before the meeting.

Can't attend? Book anyway  & you will get resources + you will be notified about next event.

Event details

Date and Time

Wednesday, 21 February 2024⋅09:30 - 10:00


Online Session | Zoom Meeting


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About this event

Available on any paid subscription model, Payment Links is the new tool on the block that will super-charge your income generating activity.

It is simple to start using payment links. This workshop will show you how to set them up and share them with your customers. You can even embed them on your webpage, or set up subscriptions. If you have a product catalogue you can now connect payment links to products, which means customers can choose their product and pay the exact amount, directly to you. No more invoices and waiting for payment. 

There is so much functionality now available with Payment Links. Join us and we'll show you how.

Stay ahead of the curve , and your competition. 


About Upcoming HubSpot Workshops

Some of the topics we will cover during HubSpot workshops include:


  • HubSpot basics for beginners: We will walk you through the fundamentals of using HubSpot, helping you understand key features and how to navigate the platform effectively.
  • Advanced HubSpot techniques: For experienced users, we'll delve into more advanced strategies, tips, and tricks to optimize your HubSpot usage and get the most out of the platform.
  • HubSpot Public Beta: You'll get an exclusive preview of the latest features and updates available in HubSpot's Public Beta program. Learn how these new capabilities can enhance your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts.
  • Best practices and real-world examples: We'll share best practices and real-world examples of how businesses like yours have successfully leveraged HubSpot to achieve their goals. Gain valuable insights and inspiration for your own HubSpot implementation.


About Your HubSpot Trainer

Sam_no Background


Sam Easton - HubSpot  Certified Trainer 

I really enjoy working with businesses and entrepreneurs who are setting up HubSpot for the first time. It's such a complex system - but there are simple ways to harness its power and get it working for you. HubSpot isn't a magic solution - it requires hard work and discipline to set up and maintain. However, once it's there, it will make your life so much easier, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 




HubSpot Workshop. What is this?

HubSpot Workshops

We support the SME community in the UK and offer numerous workshops online free of charge when you sign up early or with a small fee for last-minute bookings. Online Workshops last between 30 and 90 min and cover the following:

  • monitor the revenue flow for your accounting software and sync financial information with your customers' data and sales conversions in line with your marketing campaigns.
  • streamline your invoicing and admin tasks through automation.
  • Integrate with over 40 accounting apps.
Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at companies already using HubSpot and wants to automate their marketing and sales, save time and focus on nurturing and converting only the most relevant leads.




If you find these workshops helpful for your business, consider a donation.

*The Organisers reserve the right to cancel or amend event details, including date, time, topic, speaker, agenda and tickets.

How much does it cost?

This Workshop is free of charge.

How to join this event?


Download and Install Zoom software. Refer to the Zoom Support Page if you have any technical problems. You will receive the Zoom link 1h before the event. Change your Zoom name to your correct name (for example John Smith instead of John's iPhone).

What does the AutomateNow agency do?

AutomateNow is a HubSpot Partner.

We are helping our clients to outperform competitors via sales and marketing automation.

About the organizer

AutomateNow is a HubSpot Partner in the UK. We are digital sales & marketing experts. You can work with us to set up your CRM, improve part of your Sales & Marketing Process or outsource your Inbound Strategy.
We spent hundreds of hours setting up HubSpot for our business and Clients. By working with us, you get faster more effective results.