A human approach is the only one that sells

We have been in a digital revolution for years, actually, well over a decade, the problem is many businesses are still operating like it's 1999.

The result of that is lost leads, fewer clients, and most importantly, lost revenue.

Our preferred platform is HubSpot because it replaces, 5, 10, 15 other tools that you would need to accomplish what it can.

We have a 5-step automation process that identifies and convert leads and enquiries faster.

If you are ready to stop losing leads and have sales and marketing automation tools that can help you drive business 24/7, I would be happy to have a conversation

Bart Kowalczyk
HubSpot Sales Coach

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HubSpot CRM Setup

We set up HubSpot sales and marketing. This stage involves creating users and teams, and arranging integration with other systems in the business ecosystem, including website and email. 

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Database Segmentation

We help to identify your buyer persona and set it up in HubSpot, so you can focus on the leads that are more likely to convert.

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Sales Pipeline Automation

We create deal stages supporting your sales process, so you can nurture ready-made leads and close deals faster.

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Marketing Automation

We create a digital marketing strategy that will take potential buyers through a carefully prepared journey.

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Sales & Marketing Alignment

Working together with your sales and marketing teams to deliver high-impact marketing activities, boost sales effectiveness, and ultimately grow revenue.

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Who do we work with?

The clients I have generated the most success for are: Businesses providing IT & Software Solutions, Professional Firms and businesses who are ready to scale

Delivering revenue-driven automation solutions

For years, I struggled along, focussing my sales activities on the wrong targets. As a result, I spent too much time chasing the wrong people. Does this sound familiar?

Then I realised I didn’t have one single system to manage all my sales and marketing work (I used to have five separate spreadsheets). How on earth could I recruit people to my business and explain how these spreadsheets worked?

So, I signed up for tools that were supposed to help me to do the job: Mailchimp for email marketing, CRM for contact management, Reminder tasks in iPhone, Slack for communication with my team (mainly content writers), and social management tool MavSocial. I also liked Trello, my calendar and a few other apps.

On top of this, I had to look after my websites, blogs, updates, hosting and chatbot app. I realised that I had far too many systems that weren’t talking to each other. I was using all the technology but getting none of the promised rewards. So frustrating.

When I discovered HubSpot that changed.

I became a HubSpot Partner by accident. Members in the B2B networks I run wanted to learn how I organised my activities and managed over 5k contacts. What helped me, helped them.

If you are ready to stop losing leads and have a sales and marketing automation tools that can help you drive business 24/7, I would be happy to have a conversation

Bart Kowalczyk
Certified HubSpot Partner

HubSpot helped us to organise our database of members and increase their engagement, leading to a much improved renewal rate.

Colin McKeand

Edinburgh Connections

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My clients choose us because I am focused on:

✅ Delivering revenue-driven automation solutions, ensuring our clients are getting significant results on their CRM investment
✅ Generating more new business opportunities while reducing time spent on generating new leads
✅ Ensuring there are no wasted CRM leads in your sales pipeline
✅ Scaling profitable campaigns quickly
✅ Helping our clients to outperform their competitors via sales and marketing automation

SAles Automation

Who do I work with?

I work mainly with businesses that are lost with their sales and marketing alignment. I want to reduce time spent on systems to let you focus on the most critical asset for each business and human being – relationships.


The clients I have generated the most success for are:

1. Businesses providing IT & Software Solutions
2. Professional Firms including Solicitors & Accountants
3. Finance & Insurance companies
4. Businesses who are ready to scale

Bart has really opened my eyes to the capabilities of Hubspot and what it can actually do. I always wanted a digital tool that could do everything, and after speaking to Bart it seems that Hubspot really is it!

Michelle Grant

Granted Business Solutions

Michelle Grant


Find out time in my calendar or email me: bart@automatenow.uk