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Commpare and HubSpot case study segmentation

Commpare approached us to organise their database [Case Study] | AutomateNow

Commpare is a utilities and merchant services comparison service that is Free to all Commercial businesses and Business owners.

They offer a fair and unbiased view of Water, Gas, Electricity and Merchant Services deals available in the UK.


Challenge & Solution

The main challenge was to produce a system for them to use to organise all the information they hold about prospects, enabling them to segment and send relevant information to the right people at the right time.

We implemented a tagging system based on segments which we developed, including geographic location, product type and more. We provided tailored training for the staff in how to use deal stages and contact management.



Driving Revenue through Content Engagement


  • Industry: Consultancy
  • HubSpot Product used: Sales Starter
  • Segmenting Database
  • Creating Custom Property to capture data, that triggers reminders
  • Tailored Training about Contact Management



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