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Bart, Anna HubSpot trainers UK

HubSpot Training

We have designed 3 key training packages to help you scale your business using HubSpot CRM automation tools.

Training Packages are determined by which HubSpot Subscription you have. After our Consultancy Call, we will determine what package would suit your requirements. Each package is customized and you can add services on top of the standard offering.


Startup Plus Package

Ideal for small businesses with 2-3 salespeople. You can either choose to book 1-1 consultancy calls with us or build a plan to implement Starter subscriptions into your business.
Minimum Requirements: Sales or Marketing Starter Subscription


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Sales Automation Package

Ideal for growing businesses with 5+ salespeople and a turnover of Β£0.5M+. We build the implementation plan over 6-12 months to set up your sales automation.
Minimum Requirements: Sales Professional Subscription


Lead Generation Package

Ideal for established businesses with a solid salesforce and a turnover of over Β£1M+. We build the implementation plan for 12-18 months to set up your sales and marketing automation.
Minimum Requirements: Marketing Professional Subscription


HubSpot Bootcamp

HubSpot Bootcamp

Ideal for self-employed or small firms.
HubSpot Bootcamp includes 4Γ—90 min sessions via Zoom to help get you started with your HubSpot CRM. Once we complete the sessions we offer 2h tailored follow-up support. This package is designed for HubSpot Free, Marketing & Sales Starter users who manage their contact database in teams of max 3 people.
Minimum Requirements: No requirements, great for those who are starting their HubSpot journey