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HubSpot CRM price list

How much will you invest in the development of your business?

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115% more leads after just 6 months thanks to Marketing Hub

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78% more closed deals after just 6 months thanks to Sales Hub

From content creation, lead generation to turning every opportunity into revenue and success.

HubSpot is a full suite of marketing automation, sales and customer relationship management software, and at its heart is a completely free CRM.

HubSpot CRM pricing: license cost

HubSpot is fully flexible - you can adapt the package and its functions to the needs of your business. The HubSpot platform offers 6 basic products: from support for marketing activities to a comprehensive sales management system.

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Start HubSpot

Start for free and expand the package according to your needs

A good start for individuals and small teams

HubSpot Starter or a completely free plan with which you can get the basic features: reports, basic SEO recommendations, landing page creation, Facebook Messenger integration, email automation, live chat, ad retargeting and much more

For further development for large companies

Enterprise and Professional Plan - even more extensive capabilities and functions of HubSpot, including integration with analytical tools, project management, automatic marketing

How much does HubSpot cost?

Monthly license cost*





Marketing Hub

18 €

792 €

3 300 €

Sales Hub

18 €

441 €

1 470 €

Service Hub

18 €

441 €

1 180 €


23 €

360 €

1 180 €

Operations Hub

18 €

711 €

1 960 €

CRM Suite

20 €

1 580 €

4 785 €

*as of Jan 2024, check HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot Pricing

Strength comes together: Each HubSpot product is powerful, but together they become even stronger

You can choose a single tool to manage the marketing, sales or customer service process. But you can strengthen your business even more.

The combination of Marketing Hub and Sales Hub brings the greatest efficiency - 154% more concluded transactions

CRM Suite increases your chance of success even further - with access to all features and packages at a discount

How to choose a HubSpot license?

Schedule a consultation - tell us about your needs and plans, and we will match the license to your business.

How do we work with our Clients?

We offer a boutique approach to serving our clients.
Our HubSpot expert you talk with on your first call is the same person who works on your CRM: data migration and segmentation builds your landing pages, manages your emailings and consults with you on a 1-1 basis.

First Call We'd like to meet you and talk about your requirements
Your Priority HubSpot implementation can be overwelimg. Let's focus on your priority
Setup Your plan is approved. We install HubSpot & help you to choose a subscription.
1-1 Consultancy You drive the project and we meet your short and long term goals with HubSpot.


Use the HubSpot Roi Calculator

HubSpot CRM price list: implementation cost

AutomateNow is a HubSpot Partner in the UK. We are digital sales & marketing experts. You can work with us to set up your CRM, improve part of your Sales & Marketing Process or outsource your Inbound Strategy. We spent hundreds of hours setting up HubSpot for our business and Clients. By working with us, you get faster more effective results.


How much does it cost to implement HubSpot with AutomateNow?

The setup cost depends on the number of HubSpot licenses purchased. AutomateNow can support marketing and sales processes alone or comprehensively develop your business in every area through the work of a dedicated team.


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Monthly Inbound Package from Β£125/h

Tailored HubSpot Training
Ongoing Marketing Support
Regular HubSpot Audits
Database Cleanup
Onboarding New Staff
Content Strategy

If your HubSpot system is already up and running and only requires "maintenance," we offer a subscription-based collaboration with us. This is a convenient and most preferred solution by our clients. In this case, we sign an annual contract, allowing us to offer you our lowest hourly rates. A minimum number of monthly hours is required for the reduced rate.

If you're in need of ad hoc support, consultation, short training sessions, or HubSpot integration with other systems, we offer an ad hoc hourly rate that depends on the complexity of the work and the involvement of our team's individual specialists.

Our recent work

Case Studies

AutomateNow has been making an impact on businesses by helping to sell more in less time. We are proud to work with our clients and share our recent case studies.