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How buyers lie and still go to heaven

How buyers lie and still go to heaven

In this episode of the H2H Sales Automation Podcast, Bart interviews Roy Johnson, a Sandler Training Franchisee of the Year. The conversation revolves around the topic of how buyers lie and still manage to make decisions in the sales process. They discuss the human-centric approach to sales, focusing on building relationships, seeking the truth, and understanding the buyer's pain points.

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Bart introduces Roy Johnson, an expert in helping companies sell more quickly while increasing market share and profit margins. They discuss the concept of how buyers lie during the sales process and still make purchasing decisions.

The TV Story

Roy shares a personal anecdote about buying a TV during a football World Cup event. He highlights how buyers often engage in deceptive behaviors during sales interactions, triggered by salespeople's common introductory lines.

Human-Centric Selling Approach

The conversation shifts towards the human-centric approach in sales, emphasizing the importance of building relationships and understanding the buyer's journey. Bart mentions the inbound methodology, which focuses on helping buyers recognize their buying stage and asking the right questions.

Challenges in B2B Sales

Roy identifies three main challenges in B2B sales: salespeople not knowing what to say in the right order, salespeople knowing what to say but avoiding saying it, and salespeople trying not to appear as salespeople. He emphasizes the need to have conversations that lead potential buyers to decide to change their behavior and make a purchase.

Follow-Up Strategies

Roy discusses the common mistake of following up without a clear next step. He suggests that instead of traditional follow-ups, salespeople should agree on a clear next step during the initial conversation, including the content and timing of the next interaction.

Building Relationships and Seeking the Truth

Bart and Roy delve into the importance of building relationships and seeking the truth rather than focusing solely on making a sale. Roy highlights the significance of finding the true pain points of the buyer and understanding the reasons behind their pain. He explains that salespeople should focus on serving the buyer's needs and bringing about change rather than pushing for a sale.

Recognizing Pain Points and Decision Makers

Roy emphasizes that buyers need to be in discomfort or pain to consider making a change. He advises salespeople to identify the decision-making process and discover the real reasons behind a potential sale. Roy suggests strategies for handling situations where multiple decision-makers are involved.

Conclusion and Top Tips from Roy

The podcast concludes with Roy's top tips for successful sales. He stresses that building relationships, understanding the buyer's pain, seeking the truth, and finding the impact of doing nothing are crucial aspects of effective sales. Roy encourages salespeople to focus on enabling potential buyers to recognize the need for change and providing solutions that address their pain points.

Roy offers his email ( to listeners, encouraging them to reach out if they would like to receive a pre-call plan that he discussed during the episode. He assures that his aim is to provide helpful resources without pressuring for a sale.

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