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Case Study: Polish Media Company | AutomateNow

Expert training that resulted in 85% staff adoption of HubSpot tools

Any company can find it difficult to train and integrate a platform that has as much capability as HubSpot.

When you are one of Poland’s largest broadcast media companies and you’re working remotely, that challenge becomes almost impossible. 

How do you engage a scattered team in a meaningful way?
Where do you start with a platform like HubSpot?
How can you make sure that your training sessions suit different learning styles?


That’s where AutomateNow came in. Working closely with the senior team, we strategically planned the processes and tools that needed urgent adoption, to create efficiencies in the business. 

We knew that managing people through this new onboarding could be difficult, so we made sure that we got their buy-in from the beginning.

And we also knew that the HubSpot training sessions would need to be absolutely on point, to keep people engaged and interested. 

A Complex Change Approach to Training

You can’t train staff who don’t want to be there! Making sure that we took a change management approach laid the foundation for the success of our work.  We held informal calls, workshops, drop-in sessions and more to meet employees, using our H2H approach to make sure they felt seen and heard.

Iterate and Innovate

One size really doesn’t fit all – and that’s OK. We knew that training sessions needed to be small enough for good interactions, but large enough to be efficiently run in a big company. 
We iterated, tested, gathered feedback, and iterated again to create innovative workshops that people actually enjoyed attending.


Processes built around People

By taking the time to understand the company and individual pain points, we created a very clear picture of what this business’s HubSpot needed to do for them to grow. 
Addressing those pain points became the backbone of every training session – delivering modules and exercises that people could immediately use to solve their frustrations. The result? Almost-immediate platform adoption, for good. 


90% of staff voted that training was excellent
85% of staff adopted HubSpot immediately after training
120+ people and learning styles were engaged


“Automate Now delivered a comprehensive, interactive training programme in stages, testing and tweaking their own delivery as they went. 

They were careful to manage this complex change programme, running an internal campaign to overcome user resistance and promote new habits to use the new system. We were able to bring over 120 sales executives together – over 90% of whom said they loved the training style.”


Łukasz Sawrasewicz
Executive Director, Broadcast Media


It’s grow time.

Want to know how we’d solve your challenge like we did for (case study company)? We’d love to hear about your goals and ambitions so we can help you achieve them.


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