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Learn how Polish Business Link moved from Word Press to HubSpot Blogging

25% web traffic increase [Case Study] | AutomateNow

PBLINK is a membership organisation and B2B portal in the UK. PBLINK was founded in 2012 to support diverse business entrepreneurs with their ambition of growing a business in the UK, outside of their homeland.

PBLINK organises 50+ online and F2F events. With over 120 members and 3k businesses in the database, the main challenge was to implement inbound marketing methodology.

Challenge & Solution

We moved PBLINK from WordPress to HubSpot Blogging tool. The transition was complex and involved moving 2.5k posts in 2 languages and mapping them out in a HubSpot system. The work also included organising redirection of URLs, designing system pages (error pages, registration pages, etc) and opening 3 blogs: one for members; one for events; and another one acting as a Home Page. We also created a number of landing pages and implemented smart content dependent on whether contacts are in a segment list, to nurture relationships with prospects. 

One idea we have come up with is to create a list of contacts who have never been to one of our events and used the HubSpot smart content tool to encourage bookings, said Anna, event engagement specialists at PBLINK. 


Polish Business Link Case HubSpot moving blog from Word Press


Another challenge was to organise sales with HubSpot. We introduced a renewal pipeline for 120+ members and partners. The system automatically moves existing deals based on the automatic payment record into the new pipeline. In addition, we developed payment notifications, helping our Client to save time on reminders such as expired date payment cards or renewal notifications. 

Improving Feedback
B2B Marketing organisations like PBLINK involve constant improvement. We integrated HubSpot with Survey Kiwi, so the Client can send emails 1 hour after each event to get feedback from the attendees. If a prospect expresses interest in joining the organisation, we put a workflow in place to nurture the relationship and finally pass them on to the sales rep.

Sales-driven Content
We developed 150 Knowledge Base articles and published them on the Client’s blog. The articles describe how PBLINK works with its members. These links were used in the prospecting tools such as sequences and workflows. In addition, we developed 6 major SEO clusters to provide content on PBLINK pillar pages. That helped us to get more relevant traffic to the blog.

Buying Signals
We have developed a portfolio of CTA buttons and forms to qualify leads in their buyer journey. We found that image CTAs perform far better than buttons, as they are more relevant to users.

Finally, we used integrations to link Eventbrite and Google Sheets, to allow upload of event delegates lists for sharing with members.



25% web traffic increase


  • Industry: Professional Services, Media
  • HubSpot Product used: Sales & Marketing Professional
  • Integration implemented with HubSpot: Survey Kiwi, Eventbrite, Google Sheets, Stripe Vidyard,
    Quickbooks online, Zoom
  • Number of developed workflows: 40
  • 100+ increase in leads per month


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