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HubSpot Landing Pages Examples
3 min read

Building Sales Funnels in HubSpot using Forms and Landing Pages

HubSpot Forms & HubSpot Landing Pages are free and powerful tools that you can use in your sales process. Forms will capture important data from your contacts while Landing Page will help you to attract traffic. 

How to use HubSpot Forms & HubSpot Landing Pages in Sales? Key takeaways:

  • Think, what data do you want to capture to qualify leads?
  • Create HubSpot Properties to capture desired data
  • Set up HubSpot Forms on the Website and Landing Pages
  • Use HubSpot forms on HubSpot Landing Pages, bring traffic through social media, emailing & analyse data

The best practice is to create form and try to attract first lead and then work how you engage with this prospect over the time to win more sales.

This webinar is useful for business owners and sales managers who consider HubSpot for their contact & deal management.


Type of content: Webinar Recording

Date: 6 November 2020
Duration: 60 min
Language: English


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