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The Power of Data: Influencing Sales and Marketing the Human Way

In a recent interview hosted by Bart, the founder of AutomateNow, and conducted by Philip Oakley from Outserve, the conversation delved into the dynamic realm of data and how it can shape sales and marketing strategies to foster more authentic human connections with customers. This blog post distills the key insights from their insightful conversation.

AutomateNow Podcast with Outserve

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Understanding the Basics of Data

Philip Oakley, a system integration expert working with Challenger brands, opened the discussion by defining data as a spectrum that ranges from basic information like names and addresses to more intricate customer preferences. Philip emphasized that knowing a customer's first name can significantly enhance the personal touch when communicating, a key factor in fostering genuine human connections.


Data Personalization: The Human Touch

In the past, the exchange of business cards was a prime example of personalization. Remembering names and recalling details about individuals' interests helped establish a rapport. This concept remains relevant today as businesses gather data from various sources such as social media platforms, Google searches, and even purchase histories. The challenge is in organizing and utilizing this diverse dataset effectively.


Strategies for Data Integration

Philip stressed that, for small businesses, it's crucial to focus on the data that is most relevant to their goals. Integrating data from different sources, such as accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and social media, can provide a comprehensive view of customer behavior. Platforms like Zapier offer a low-code solution to connect data from different tools, making the process simpler for businesses.


Segmentation: The Power of Analysis

The conversation turned to the importance of segmentation for data analysis. Oakley suggested starting with simple methods like exporting data into Google Sheets or Excel to perform basic analyses. An essential approach is Pareto analysis, which determines if 80% of a business's income comes from 20% of its customers. This insight helps prioritize efforts and allocate resources more effectively.

The RFM Analysis Approach

Philip introduced the concept of RFM analysis (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) to understand customer behavior. This method categorizes customers based on when they last made a purchase, how often they make purchases, and the amount they spend. This approach allows businesses to tailor their marketing efforts to different customer segments, maximizing impact.


Data-Informed Engagement

The interview underlined the importance of using data to identify and engage with customers at different stages of the buying journey. By identifying loyal customers and re-engaging dormant ones, businesses can refine their strategies and ensure their interactions are both timely and relevant.


Selling Like a Human: The Key Takeaway

The interview concluded with Philipโ€™s top tip for selling like a human: listening. He emphasized the significance of asking insightful questions to understand customers' pain points and needs fully. By focusing on active listening and asking the right questions, businesses can offer tailored solutions that resonate with their customers on a human level.

About Phil Oakley

Phil Oakley Outserve Phil Oakley is Managing Director at Outserve. Working with Challenger Brands to Know Their Numbers, Systemise Their Business & Scale. Unleashed & Xero Gold Partner. Taking the โ€˜Eekโ€™ out of E-commerce, For Shopify & Amazon Retailers.

Helping product and e-commerce businesses scale and streamline systems and processes. Integrating Xero, Shopify, and unleashed into your business to get better data to help you run your business.

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