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Connect With Your Ideal Customers Through The Magic Of Video

Inbound Video services that help you be seen for what you do best

Ready, Set, Action!

Video is one of the most powerful ways to attract attention, capture new prospects, engage your best customers, and bring your team together. 92% of buyers say that video helps them build trust in a brand - and, at AutomateNow, we’re on a mission to make sure you get more of what really works..
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Client Inbound Video Samples

Our inbound video package is designed to give you as much value as possible. 

We know how precious time can be, so we’ve made sure that we maximise your time - just a few hours of filming can create evergreen videos you’ll use over and over again.

Here’s how it works:
Video Production Service

Book a call with us to discuss your business, what you’d like to market, and how you’d like to show up on camera.


We’ll come up with some great ideas together that capture the core of your brand, aiming for 10 snippet videos (1 - 2 minutes each).


Then, we create storyboards for each video, and you sign them off.


We set a date for filming with our professional, former BBC presenter and videographer.


Filming day! One of our team will be there to oversee and guide the shoot, organising your team, any props, and set items.


Time to edit. You leave the hard work to us, and we’ll turn your videos around in two sets of edits, so they’re exactly as you want them.


Now you can share them across your channels - or, if you like, we can help with that, too.

Sales, Marketing, and Meet the Team: Ideas to Inspire Inbound Prospects

Video is perfect for showing the human beings at the heart of your business. You can use your video package for any number of videos that show what you do, and who you are:

 Introduction Videos

What better way to introduce what you do than on a video? Let your prospects see exactly who they’ll be working with, and begin building trust and credibility from the get-go.


How We Work Videos

What a great way to deliver next-level customer service to your prospects. Rather than simply sending a quote and hoping for the best, a ‘How We Work’ video walks your prospect through your approach, and shows them exactly how you’ll partner together.


What We Do Videos

Offer a complex product or multi-faceted service? Sometimes an explainer video is the perfect way to communicate your offering (and your client’s more likely to remember this, too - people retain 95% of a video message, vs. 10% from reading text on your website!)

Meet The Team Videos

Got a great team? Your prospects and clients should know about them. Just like an introduction video, Meet the Team videos connect with your customers on a personal level, so by the time that first meeting is underway, you’ve created a positive working relationship.


Client IssueSpecific Videos

Do you hear the same challenges coming up time and again for your customers? A video designed to troubleshoot their problems or explain tricky areas can work wonders. Not only will it create efficiency for your client, but anticipating their needs will make them feel cared for, too.


Demo Videos

Have an incredible product that needs to be seen to be believed? You need a Demo video. These informative, concise, and often entertaining videos are such a great way to maximise your sales team’s time and convert more prospects.


And if you have any other ideas?

We’d love to hear them.

10x Your Inbound Videos with the Power of HubSpot

Your videos should be an inbound lead magnet - educating and inspiring your best customers so well that choosing your business is a no-brainer. 

At AutomateNow, we’ve seen first-hand the impact of HubSpot on our clients’ inbound sales effectiveness, and that goes for video, too.

Use HubSpot to seamlessly blend video and automation, and embed your videos on any landing page you choose - strategically designed to help prospects get all the information they need.

Prospect watched multiple videos? HubSpot can notify your sales team to follow up with a personal message. 

Know that some prospects respond to different CTAs? HubSpot lets you customise and change your calls to action, so they’re impossible to resist.

HubSpot Video Content Creations
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Casting Call

Book your no-obligation video call here, and let’s get the camera rolling.