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I got HubSpot License. Whatsnext?-1

We will squeeze your HubSpot licence to its limits

Hubspot ain’t cheap. On average, Hubspot customers spend over £12k per annum for their Professional Licence: that’s over a grand per month. But that is a worthwhile investment, as HubSpot replaces 5,10 or 15 different tools, to help you scale up your business.

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Why do Customers fail with their HubSpot?

Most of our clients are overwhelmed with the number of opportunities available with HubSpot. They try multiple tools without knowing exactly what they want to achieve. There is no goal set in workflows, no MQL / SQL definition, no clear plan of what to do next.

Our job is to make sure that the £12k or so you have invested in HubSpot isn’t wasted.

You could run your HubSpot yourself, just as you could with your accounts, social media and website, but why do so many businesses choose to work with professionals? 

Consider this: we have worked with Hubspot for years, we’ve seen and built the setups that work, and helped over 20 entrepreneurs to grow their business using the system. This is 100% practical knowledge that you cannot find in blogs or books. Link to our Testimonials

The reason many businesses fail with HubSpot is not that HubSpot is not working. It’s not because their product is not working. It’s because they don’t use the system to its full potential.


Many entrepreneurs spend the first 3-6 months working on their CRM and then they think it will all work fine. They say: “Automation is set, job done! Let’s wait for results.” Sound familiar?


Then, when renewal is due they have failed in their prime objective: to grow their business. They blame HubSpot, people and products. They fail with HubSpot.

Why is that? Your Customers change, your value proposition changes, and your team changes. Your business is changing. So your HubSpot should evolve too, to keep up…

HubSpot License is not enough to be successful

Why should you work with AutomateNow?

Our approach is different. We don’t want you to set you up and leave. We want to keep you accountable for your growth. Keep your HubSpot work accountable. 

It’s like with the gym. So many people fail because they just pay a monthly direct debit but don’t actually attend, blaming headache, weather and so on. 

And yes, it’s a hell of a lot of work to onboard new staff, keep an eye on sales targets, improve your workflows, work on your top-performing sales templates or organise an A/B test for your next marketing email.


Let’s review below what your life will look like after you engage with AutomateNow:

HubSpot Sales License

Before AutomateNow Partnership After AutomateNow Partnership 
You pay tons for sales tools, but not all of them are being used by your sales team

You have lots of sales templates, but nobody understands how they are performing.

You don’t know how and when a lead becomes a sales opportunity
All of your tools are being used. We monitor usage of tools and train sales reps how best to optimise to get better conversion.

We optimise templates with your sales team on a monthly basis and focus only on the best performing ones.

We define and redefine MQL & SQL criteria and set up a scoring system to align the strategy.

HubSpot Marketing License

Before AutomateNow Partnership After AutomateNow Partnership 

You send emails to all contacts in your database and CTR is decreasing.
You have created plenty of marketing assets but Sales is still not happy about quality of leads
You have a nice shiny website but not much traffic, no new forms filled.

We review your database health and work on your segmentation to maintain a high rate of engagement.

We review your campaigns and look for the best performing assets to decide what to focus on next.

We will maintain your content strategy and create SEO clusters to build organic authority in Google.

HubSpot Service License

Before AutomateNow Partnership After AutomateNow Partnership 

You struggle to manage Customer enquiries - queries get lost and never answered.
You have lots of surveys, but no submissions

We take care of your ticket pipeline so no enquiry is left behind.
We will create a feedback strategy that will fill both your sales pipeline and marketing prospecting with valuable data.

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Let's get started

We will guide you through and optimise our 5-step automation process, so you will be able to grow your business. You will be able to identify and convert more leads and enquiries. You will find new opportunities, quicker. 

It’s your choice - How do you want to go?  Doing it all yourself or with people that want you to increase your turnover asap.

If you are ready to stop losing leads and have a sales and marketing automation tool that can help you drive business 24/7, I would be happy to have a conversation.

Fill out the form below to start working on your HubSpot or email me at:

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